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Control Room A
Control Room A
Drum Iso A
Tracking Rm. Panoramas
Microphone Demo
  Listen to  the latest student mixes HERE! The Center for Recording Arts & Technology
Opened in May 2008, under the direction of multi-award winning recording engineer/producer and audio educator, Professor Jay Henry. 
The state-of-the-art Center for Recording Arts & Technology is located on the campus of Southwestern College in Chula Vista, California. 
Housed within the School of Arts and Communication, this recording studio facility redefines architectural and acoustic design for educational recording studio facilities; and sets the benchmark for audio technology education within the California Community College, Cal State and UC systems statewide. 
 The facility encompasses 2 Analog/Digital hybrid commercial recording studios with SSL consoles, 2 Pro Tools post-production editing suites, and 40 networked 
Mac Pro desktop computer lab workstations; providing students with a "real world" work flow environment and the opportunity to work with music and entertainment professionals using the recording facilities. 
The control room in studio A is fitted with a 48 channel 
SSL Duality SE console with Total Recall; full range YDCG stereo monitors as well as a JBL LSP 4338P 
5.2 surround system. Tie lines from the adjacent 1664 SF.
rehearsal hall allows recording of up to 55 pieces live.  
The maple hardwood and light fabric covered 1175 SF 
studio can be subdivided with sliding glass doors to 
create two separate isolation rooms, in addition to the main tracking areas.  Judicious placement of bass traps allows the moderately live recording space to retain a high degree of definition.
Designed by world-renowned acoustic designer/engineer Carl Yanchar of Yanchar Design and program director  Jay Henry; the facility was nominated for a TEC award for technical excellence in 2009.

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